Tuesday, 8 November 2016

The mission to find my imaginary monster

Once upon a time there was a monster his name was DJ he had two heads and his skin color was blue and yellow mixed together. He had plans to go to the monster ball in a castle in Fresno.

He  walked through the enchanted forest in New Zealand  he was flying  through  but got stuck in the cotton candy tree and fell in the chocolate sink hole then he was yelling for help luckily a hunter named Tyrone was nearby so he could hear him yell loud so ran as fast as he could threw the liquorice twigs and reached where he was he could see DJ was sinking so he helped him by pulling him with all his might and DJ was free them DJ looked at his watch and saw that his was going to be so late .

Then DJ asked Tyrone if he wanted  to go with him to the ball and Tyrone said yes please. So DJ picked him up by his claws and said let’s go they made it and became best friends forever .Here is a picture of him.

Screenshot 2016-11-04 at 10.34.34 AM.png


Rachel Williamson said...

Hi Jozlo,

I really like the picture that you have created of DJ. He looks like a pretty interesting monster. I don't think that I have ever seen anyone with two heads and blue skin before. I love your creativity!

If you are interested in doing some more fun, creative tasks this summer please consider joining our Summer Learning Journey programme. It's open to all students at Ruapotaka and has 60 different fun and creative tasks for you to try. All of the activities are related to the topic of 'travel and adventure.'

To join the programme, simply hop onto the Summer Learning Journey website (, click on the 'Weekly Activities' tab, choose from one of 60 different activities and post a blog about it.

I will read your blog and post a comment back. I also have other teachers and students who would love to read your blog posts and provide comments. You will earn points for each blog that you post and I'll keep track of your points.

At the end of the summer I'll come to Ruapotaka to hand out certificates and to bring prizes for the Top 3 bloggers in your school. I really hope that you'll join us and be in to win a great prize!

You can start blogging any time that you want from now until the end of the January. The programme officially ends on Friday 27 January.

Hope to see you online this month!


Mark Barlow said...

Kia ora!

I'm Mark, a teacher working with Rachel on the Summer Learning Journey.

We have 8 days left on the SLJ and I just thought I would remind you that you can join in anytime! It is never too late. Plus if you're running out of things to do, this is definitely an interesting and worthwhile way to spend your time.

The point of the journey is to keep your mind sharp for when school starts by make you use all the skills you developed last year. The activities are designed to be interesting and are only as hard as you want to make them.

At this point in the journey, you don't even have to do all the activities, or even do them in order! You can just pick and choose. Everything is cool as long as you're getting that brain up to speed.

I hope to see you online soon and blasting through some of these activities. If you don't know where to find them, then just follow the link below. Remember to post the answers on your blog-site and label them with their day and activity number.

If you decide not to however, it is all good! I hope you have been doing your own reading and writing over the holiday period anyway, and I wish you all the very best for the 2017 year at school!

Kia kaha, never give up and always do your best!


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