Wednesday, 22 February 2017

Jozlo. The race

Walt: wrighting a recount.

Have you ever had to run from goldpost to the next goldpost before.                                                   
Well i have.

We were so surprised  i had weird feeling that something was gonna happen like i had to watch moana over and over. Then Mr Goodwin walked us to the field then we knew we had to run so we all said what.

Then gave us the instructions they were……
No loud noises because the other classes are working.
You don't  have to  go fast but it is a sprint.

Then when he said go! I got fright. Then we ran well I had a sore foot so i couldn't run i just ran to a small pile of grass. And when i sat down it felt yuck. Then were numbered to have a drink. It was the worst run ever. hehehehe.

task: running on the field

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